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How Hoist works

You build your integration logic into a small module and Hoist deals with the authorisation, scaling and management. It’s simple to set up, and you’ll be up and running in minutes.


Build micro-services in Node.js and run them locally with our Command Line tool. Once you're happy with how they work, deploy to our servers.

Built for developers

You shouldn't have to learn proprietary frameworks just to build a great integration. Put down the XML and build the way you want.

Event Driven

Whether you’re connecting your own account, or all of your users accounts, we provide a uniform way to connect. No more OAuth.


Hoist integrations are Node.js modules. This gives you the full power of the NPM library when building out your integration.


The request - response model fails at scale. Subscribe to events in external services from your Hoist module, or from your own product.

In the cloud or on site

Connect any data source to the cloud or on premises,
and even that old installed software.

Events from anywhere

Subscribe to events in your Hoist integration from your application using
one of our SDKs.

& More

Managed integration infrastructure

We use the best technology to host and run your integration infrastructure.

Integrations should be more than "If This Then That".
It’s time for them to get the power they deserve.
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